About Us

Odie and Cody is a small family run business that was started out of a need to provide our pets with the most natural and unprocessed ingredients possible. We pride ourselves on creating premium products that do no harm to your beloved pets and keep our planet happy.

We work with local suppliers that source organic, natural materials and create our products in small batches.  

Sales of our products allow us to donate a generous portion of our profits to non-profits dedicated to animal welfare. It's our way of allowing your pets (you're buying our products for them) to give to other animals that are not as lucky as they are.

Pet-Product-Dog-2Our Mission

To create natural and organic products which are healthy for our beloved pets and kind to our earth

Dog 2Our Vision

Through the sale of our growing pet product line, we improve the lives of animals worldwide by donating profits to charities that will ultimately put an end to the needless killing of any animal:

  • spade and neuter for free
  • rescue abused and neglected pets
  • find forever homes for pets
  • support wild animal sanctuaries


Long-Beach-California-SouthWe are located in the Los Angeles area of Southern California in  Long Beach, California.  We are proud to be the home of Rosie's Dog Beach, a stone's throw from our office.  The photo to the left faces south along the Southern California coast from above Long Beach and along our Loooooooooong Beach toward Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and blah blah beach......you get it.

This location fits our casual lifestyle, close enough to enjoy all the excitement Los Angeles has to offer and far enough away that it is a laid back beach town all it's own.  The dress code in the Odie and Cody work space:  T-shirt and flip flops.

Long Beach has approximately 3.5 miles of beach along the Pacific Ocean with two separate pedestrian and walk paths that are each over three miles long.   Lots of beaches and lots of water are the reason Long Beach is known as the aquatic capital of the USA. 

Long Beach has a mix of neighborhoods that resemble the 1920's neighborhoods of the midwest, homes with front porches, kids playing out front, neighbors walking their dogs, cats watching you from afar, people riding their bikes as well as a downtown with high rises, vibrant music scene, art scene, nightlife, the Queen Mary, Aquarium of the Pacific, the Toyota Grand Pre and blah blah blah...you get it.