Tips to Take Care of New Puppy

Have you recently bought or adopted a puppy and brought him home? Are you new to keeping a pet? Have you adopted or bought a puppy for the first time in your life? Do you want to know about some of the most amazing and easy ways to take care of the new member in the family?


Bringing a new puppy home is super exciting.  Caring for a pet properly is a responsibility as they depend on you not only for food, water and shelter but for love and safety.
Taking care and training them properly is extremely important. At first, it can be over whelming to bring a new puppy home because the puppy behaves just like a little kid in the house.    Here are some of the ways in which you need to take care of your pup:

Drinking Water

The water that you put out for your puppy has to be neat, clean and always available in the same spot.  Clean water changed regularly is important for your puppy’s health. Make sure that the water bowl is placed in the same place, where the little one can find it and get used to its presence so that whenever he is thirsty, he can drink it and keep himself hydrated.  There are a lot of puppies that die from dehydration.

Feeding Time

The craziest thing that people do is feed their puppies when they give signs for food; don’t do that; this would simply make her eat over and over again. Sge has to know that there are only specific times of the day when she is supposed to eat; give her organic food during set meal times you define for your puppy.  A typical example is one feeding in the morning and one feeding at dinnertime.  Buy good food which includes but is not limited to vegetables, fruits, bones and raw meat.

Potty Training

Potty training can be quite stressful, but that does not mean that you are supposed to skip it. No matter what happens, you have to train your puppy, when it comes to potty! You can either house-train your puppy for potty or take him out often through out the day and at specific times if you are able.  You have to find out the times when he poops so you will begin to know your specific dogs routine.  Take them to the same spot so that he knows that it is the place to poop.

Bath Time

Bathing the new member can be quite difficult and you need to remember that it should not be done too often.  When you notice your little member stinking or find him to be smelly, that’s the only time to give him a bath. Firstly, there are oils in his coat that need to be maintained and secondly, little pups are not supposed to bathe often, no matter how much they seem to enjoy their ‘getting wet’ time. Use only organic shampoo to give him a bath so that he maintains his coat in a proper way.



Crate Training

Now comes the time for you to crate train your puppy; you have to make sure that he sleeps in the right place every time. He must understand that it is his place to sleep so that he does that without going to the bathroom all night long. You may find him making groaning noises at night; that’s a sign he is scared or wishes to pee. It may seem difficult at first, but with time, the new member does get used to it.

Puppies Need Toys

Buy a few new toys as puppies are like kids, they need to play.  They also need to chew.   There are plenty of pet stores that have large assortments of toys to brick-and-mortar stores.  Selections of toys include  hard balls, chewable bones, squeeze balls and soft toys.  What is most important is to give your pup enough variety to keep them busy playing or chewing when they are not sleeping.

Walking Your Puppy

Now this is something that you have to take out time for daily as it is best for you dog to take daily walks.   This will give you a chance to teach your puppy to walk on a leash.   Dogs need to walk and this is a great time to train your puppy to follow you. When your pup is small the walk does not need to be long as they will tire just like a small child.  Consistently taking them our daily is what is most important.

Flea and Tick Control

There are ways in which you can help your puppy stay free of fleas and ticks. There are commercial flea and tick medications as well as natural remedies.  When you take your puppy to your vet, ask them about their recommendations based on their experience.   Some of the method, especially natural remedies, are not as effective as the others.


Vaccination is extremely important when it comes to pets. You need to visit a veterinarian to get your puppy vaccinated.  Your veterinarian will guide you on what time intervals your puppy should be brought in for shots.  Your pup will remain healthy and immune to a lot of problems that a lot of non-vaccinated dogs go through.


Tags and Chips

Buy a puppy tag that you hang from your dogs collar immediately.  What happens if you lose your little puppy? There are many puppies out there that get lost and never manage to find their way back home.  We recommend also getting a microchip for your dog, this is easily added at the veterinarian.  If your pup gets lost any vet or shelter can read the chip, which will have your contact information on it so your dog can be safely returned.

Spay and Neuter

We recommend you spay or neuter your pet as soon as they are old enough.   Unless you are a breeder, the most responsible thing to do is to sterilize your pup so they cannot reproduce. Shelters are overcrowded and there are so many pets needlessly euthanized yearly due to over population.  Stray dogs will breed and a whole dog family can end up in a shelter.  Please help control animal populations by Spaying and neutering your pet.

It may take some time for you to train your puppy but after the work done up front, it will make for a much happier dog and household.

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